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Lactoferrin, a multifunctional cationic glycoprotein constitutively synthesized by exocrine glands and by neutrophils following infection and inflammation, is present in human body fluids.

The several functions of Lactoferrin are dependent and independent from its iron-binding ability.

For the first time the Opening Section of the Conference will concern a description  and a debate on the applied procedures to purify as well as to detect the quality of Lactoferrin.

One of the aims of the Conference will be to define the influence of  the percentage of iron saturation, purity, integrity, derived peptides and stability of Lactoferrin on its several functions.

These data will greatly contribute to increase  Lactoferrin potential therapeutic applications on human health and wellness.

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Bo LONNERDAL (President, USA)
Nidia LEON-SICAIROS (Mexico)
Anthony SCHRYVERS (Canada)
Kei-ichi SHIMAZAKI (Japan)
Hiroyuki TSUDA (Japan)
Piera VALENTI (Italy)
Hans VOGEL (Canada)
Jianhua WANG  (China)