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The International  Conferences on Lactoferrin Structure, Function and Applications are held every two years: in Hawaii, USA in 1993 and 1995,  Le Touquet (France) 1997, Sapporo (Japan) 1999, Calgary (Canada) 2001, Capri (Italy) 2003, Honolulu (USA) 2005, Nice (France) 2007, Beijing (China) 2009, Mazatlan (Mexico) 2011, Rome (Italy) 2013 and Nagoya (Japan) 2015.

Since 1960’s, when the protein was first isolated both from human and bovine milk, the number of  publications on lactoferrin structures, biochemical properties and  biological functions is significantly increasing.

At the end of 2016 the total number of international papers concerning different activities of human, bovine and human and bovine recombinant Lactoferrin is 7,904, distributed as follows:


Even if the number of the in vitro papers on Lactoferrin functions is greater than the in vivo ones, recently the clinical trials are increasing: